• Genis Sage - Incantations

    "I call upon thee in the land of the dead to unleash thy fury of thunder. Indignation!!"

    "Form a torrential vortex and engulf the evil spirits. Tidal Wave!!"

    "Reduce these evil souls to ashes. Explosion!!"

    "Gentle winds, gather before me and transform into blades of air. Cyclone!!"

    "Engulf these pathetic souls. Ground Dasher!!"

    "May the merciless embrace of frost take you. Absolute!!"

    "Ifinite powers, grant me thy strength. Meteor Storm!!"

    "I call upon the power of the holy blade. Prism Sword!!"

    "I'll show you your powerlessness. Indigation Judgement!!"

    "Heavenly conflagration, rain down in terror upon this land! Fearful Flare!!"

    "Mana, the root of creation, gather before me and destroy the enemy! Tetra Spell!!"

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    Mercredi 28 Avril 2010 à 14:06
    ^^ cool
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